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ECM Incorporated  (205) 856 - 3700   Birmingham,  Alabama :   Specializing in Nash Vacuum Pumps ..


ECM specializes in the rebuilding of Nash Vacuum Pumps. Our rebuilds offer 316 Stainless Steel cladding of vital wear areas and ceramic coatings for severe use applications. Stainless Steel provides longer wear and reliability than the traditional iron Nash Pumps can offer.


From CL-200 to CL-14000 and K, L, and H series Nash pumps, ECM is your one source for all of your Nash pump rebuilds, parts, and accessories.  As an added convenience for our customers, ECM also offers swap-out pumps. Put your rebuilt ECM pump in and send us back your old, worn or damaged pump. Minimize downtime and increase peace of mind knowing that your Nash Pump was rebuilt by ECM, the Nash Pump Specialists.


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